Feminist Child Abuse

It’s not often that my daughter pleads with me to write something about some or other cultural phenomenon. But this week she sent me a Youtube video, and told me I had to write about it.

I watched it. I have five granddaughters, ranging in age from ten to two. So yes, I knew I would have to write about it, But it’s one of the toughest assignments I’ve ever given myself. Because my head was exploding with rage while I watched, so it was hard to type. But yes, I have to write about it, and everyone who can write should write about it, and everyone who can’t write should do something else: I don’t know, maybe open the window, stick their heads out and scream, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

First watch it. If you don’t see anything wrong with it, stop reading because I am now going to insult you. To be okay with this video, you’d have to be okay with children serving as adults’ toys, for whatever purpose adults want, in this case to embody the need for gender justice through the creative juxtaposition of childhood “innocence” with adult “knowing” through the “irony” of “adult” entertainment. To do that, you have to take young children who shouldn’t be thinking or expressing certain kinds of adult thoughts, and then get them to act as if it was their custom and normal to do so. Wink wink wink wink wink.

So what’s so objectionable? Where to begin? There’s adult women thinking it’s cool to have young girls – we’re talking nine or ten here – rapping like snarling, alienated “gangstas” with every third word out of their mouth f***, f***ing, f***ed-up or mother***er to show how “down” they are with badass ‘tude. There’s white women thinking it’s awesomely creative to have white girls (with a token Asian and a token black) puttin’ it out there like hip-hop “hos.” There’s feminists thinking it’s cool to have children posing and pouting like jaded hook-up queens, only – omg, we’re so clever and ironic – dressed in the kind of princess outfits that are all the rage for *pre-sexual* children.Little girls talking like sluts, so inviting the kind of attention one normally gives sluts (not that there is supposed to be anything wrong with that, but there is when it’s children). In the parlance, wouldn’t you say that’s kind of “rapey”?

Read more from Barbara Kay here.

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