Black Widow Nevin 'will never name hitman who shot husband'

The Kildare widow has been behind bars since 2000 for paying a hitman to murder her publican husband Tom Nevin in their home in Jack White's bar in Wicklow on March 19, 1996.

While the 60-year-old has served more than a decade behind bars, the mystery man who pulled the trigger has never been identified by the woman dubbed 'The Black Widow'.

But in TV3's 24 Hours to Kill, Britain's top profiler, Professor David Wilson, said she would never lose face by admitting to the killing which shocked the nation.

"In the fantasy world that Catherine Nevin has created for herself, she was a good wife and an excellent businesswoman and on her way up the social and cultural ladder of Ireland," he said.

"She will never admit to what she did because in that fantasy world she is as pure as the driven snow."

Read more at the Irish Independent.

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