Everybody's a man!

I happened to read a facebook entry written by a young lady of my acquaintance here in Galway about her day out shopping in the city. Nothing particularly interesting, the usual chit chat, except for a couple of posts describing where a young man said another girl in the group had unceremoniously dumped a strawberry milkshake over him in response to some comment he had made, while they were sitting in McDonalds, to general merriment.

What would I have done in that situation, had I been that young man?

I'd have asked myself, "what would I do if she was a man?"

If you take away the fact that it was a woman who had done the milkshake dumping/slapping/shrieking, you're left with a very clear picture indeed. Lads, this is the age of equality, you don't owe anyone anything just because they're female, walk away and dissociate from people who think they're owed special privileges because vagina.

If you feel inclined to do so and you think it will improve the situation, explain why you don't think you really want to interact with her anymore, but remember you aren't under any obligation to fix other peoples' bad behaviour. It's not your fault and not really your business. It may take a week or two to pack up in some cases but it's worth it. Encourage others to do the same, rather than sitting there in silent humiliation.

Similar double standards can be found everywhere in society, to borrow from Karen Straughan, imagine if some of the things that are said about men were said about women instead:

Men can do anything women can. And do it better. And do it with one hand tied behind their backs. ~ Barack Obama

When a woman strikes a man, she strikes all of society. ~ Hillary Clinton said exactly that about violence against women.

Women CAN stop false allegations of abuse and rape. ~ The "Men can stop rape" poster campaign is making an appearance on campuses across the US and Canada.

It cannot be assumed that women are bound to be an asset to family life, or that the presence of mothers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion. ~ This gem, about how unnecessary fathers are, is from UK equalities minister Harriet Harman. She might be forgiven this sentiment if it wasn't grossly inaccurate.

A mall roof caved in yesterday, killing 23 people and injuring more than 100. Tragically 4 men and one child were among the dead. ~ all right, that's from any newspaper story about any tragedy. We hear about women and children because that makes a tragedy more tragic.

I want to see a woman beaten to a bloody pulp with a workboot shoved into her mouth like an apple in the mouth of a pig. ~ Change woman to man and workboot to high heel, and you've got second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin's attitude.

If a man gets kicked in the crotch by a woman, people think it's funny. If a woman gets punched by a man, nobody laughs. These kinds of misandric comments, behaviours and attitudes fall under a whole array of different psychological pathologies, but the only thing that we as men need to remember is to always ask ourselves, would I react any differently if she was a man? It's not an extreme response to dissociate yourself and minimise contact with that person, you have no idea how little of a human being she actually thinks you are -  how much of a punching bag or object of fun. Why take that risk, who knows what she's going to do next?

It's not as though there's a shortage of women who don't hate men after all, go hang around with less toxic people! Just remember, never stop asking yourself...

What would I do if she was a man?

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